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Once a student has completed the KMI Core Curriculum (beginner years), and enterred the intermediate years the student falls into one of two categories: 1) Study music for enjoyment; 2) Study music seriously in order to be the best she/he can be. Students in the first category should skip these pages and click on MUSIC APPRECIATION to follow advice for their path of education. Of the students in the latter category there again two types: 1) Those who hope to become professional musicians; and 2) Those who just love music and want to be good.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS AGES 12-18: Any student in this age group with even the smallest hope/desire of pursuing music at the college level toward a possible career in music should begin planning and preparing as soon as possible. At KMI this means auditioning for and being admitted to the Young Artist Program, which will provide exactly the education and preparation the student will require for college audition and education. The entire program is designed to prepare students for music study at the college level, but is not limited so students with that intent.

OTHER SERIOUS STUDENTS AGES 12-18: Many students appreciate the challenge of trying to become the best they can become, even if that path does not lead to a professional career. This is true in all subjects: math, science, writing, sports, art, etc. The belief that a person should work hard to a high level of achievement in all pursuits is part of a liberal arts education. The premise is based on breadth (to study many subjects in order to have familiarity of them), and depth (to pursue one or a few subjects much more thoroughly so as to be an expert in something). If a student wishes to be challenged, but not expected to pursue music as a career, the student is also welcome to audition for and be admitted to the Young Artist Program. If the student is not accepted, the student is still permitted to enroll in the Music Appreciation Program to complete her/his music education. A student's ability to perform and achieve at a high level is not limited one program or the other.

SERIOUS STUDENTS AGES 18-21: Many students become serious about music education after graduation from high school. Usually these students have decided to pursue music as a career despite not having the education needed to gain admission to college prior to graduation from high school. These students may enroll at KMI specifically to obtain the missing education and prepare for a college audition. All students in this category have a variety of circumstances specific to their situation, so only by consultion with the faculty at the FREE CONSULTATION can an adequate plan be developed. In our experience, students in this category with less than 5 years private music education do NOT succesfully achieve their goal of admission into music school, but this does not prevent us from helping others who wish to try. Click on CAREER IN MUSIC for more information to help you in your pursuit.

SERIOUS STUDENTS OVER AGE 21: Many students develop a love for learning music later in life (even as late as 65). They will pursue music as seriously as a teenager trying to get into music school, but usually without that ultimate goal. They already have a career. They may just want to continue where they left off in music at the high school level. They may have taken up music as a hobby. For whatever reason, we embrace and appreciate our very seriously adult students. Even without the goal of a professional career there are many options available for the adult music student. Click on CAREER IN MUSIC and PERFORMANCE OPTIONS for more information to help you in your pursuit.

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