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(If you have studied music before, see TRANSFER STUDENTS.)
(If you are no longer a beginner, see BEYOND BEGINNER .)

We have many adult students who come to us even as total beginners – sometimes with very specific goals (like learning to sing Karaoke) or more general goals (like learning to play piano). A music education is one which can reap lifelong benefits – so whether you are 25 or over 65 it is quite possible to enjoy the pleasure of playing a musical instrument for as many as 40 to 80 years.

The approach to adult music education is obviously quite different from that used for young children, and there are many method books available specifically catered to the adult student. In many ways the adult will advance much more quickly because certain abstract concepts are more readily understood, and adults are able to read at a more advanced level and hence learn more quickly.

In addition, an adult who is serious about practicing (who commits 2+ hours daily) can easily become proficient at any instrument in 5 years’ time, which is much faster than what is required for a younger student. Considering the potential for so many years of enjoyment after that 5 year period, the rewards far outweigh the money and time invested.

There are many opportunities for musical enjoyment for the amateur musician, even without a university/conservatory education. Participation in musical theater, civic orchestras, church choirs, civic choruses, and small social clubs are but a few of the dozens of venues available in Western Pennsylvania. The idea that it’s too late to become a professional musician is simply a defeatist mindset – and if you just rethink what you mean by professional and musician you will discover that the world of music is still quite open to you. (See PERFORMANCE OPTIONS.)

At the Kikuchi Music Institute we are capable of catering your musical curriculum to meet your exact needs. We can give you the thorough and intense music education provided to a young student aspiring to the nation’s leading conservatories, or we can give you the basics to play around by yourself at home. Whatever your interest or needs, we can provide it for you.

In a similar vein the method books of today are wonderful for their adaptability. In addition to the basic lesson material which is more or less universal, there is a plethora of supplemental music books that give you the opportunity to play whatever kind of music you like. Pop tunes, show tunes, jazz, movie music, classical and country are all available in graded collections (to match the levels of the method books) so that you can actually have fun playing music you know from the very first lessons.

Time Recommendations: For the most part, all adults should have no less than one 60 min lesson weekly, and commit to at least 1 hour of practice daily. We can modify our curriculum to meet your needs if you do not have the time, or the financial resources, but please keep in mind that anything less than this commitment simply results in slower progress.

Regardless of age, all beginners and students Levels 1 to 4 would enroll in the Core Curriculum. See Admission Policies for enrollment requirements.

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