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Practice and Study Expectations: Students are expected to practice from 15 min. to 4 hours daily depending on their level and enrolled program. Please consult each specific program for actual practice time guidelines. In general, practice time may vary according to the student’s progress and study habits. If the achievement goals for all assigned pieces and exercises are reached before the expected time specified, the student can certainly stop practicing for the day. Time required to complete assignments in theory, musicology, or solfeggio is not included in practice time, and these assignments must also be completed on a weekly basis. The practice time guidelines are for the primary instrument, and each secondary instrument requires practice time in addition to the program requirements for the primary instrument.

Lesson Arrival: Students are expected to arrive for lessons about 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time to insure that the lesson starts on time. Time lost due to late arrival is not made up. The student may even be instructed to come 15 minutes earlier or stay 15 minutes later in order to take a test or to complete undone homework. Because of this possibility, please schedule your lesson times to allow for early arrival or late departure. Upon arrival, the student should ring the doorbell once to alert the faculty of his/her presence, but then the student should immediately enter the building. Outer garments must be removed and hung in the entry hallway on the designated hooks. The student (and parents) may proceed to the waiting area (dining room) and the student should get all materials ready for the lesson. This includes removing books from their carrying case, removing and assembling the instrument and tuning (if applicable). Everyone must be quiet at all times when lessons are in progress.

Lesson Conduct: Students’ finger nails must be trimmed to an acceptable length (not visible above the fingers when looking at the flat palm), and parents are advised to trim the student’s nails WEEKLY just before the lesson or the night before. Parents are advised to be present for the lesson, especially with children under age 10. Behavior at the lesson must be courteous and attentive the entire time, and parents will be informed of any behavioral issues. Students must bring all materials to every lesson. A second warning about finger nail length, behavioral problems or coming to the lesson without all materials is each sufficient grounds to send the student home and the lesson time forfeited!


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