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Parental involvement strongly improves the performance of the students. When parents are involved the children receive the message that "this is important". Children almost always enjoy doing things with their parents rather than doing them alone. Children enjoy "showing off" to their parents once they have mastered something. When something is difficult, the guiding hand of a parent is almost required to help them get through the task. Daily involvement and attendance at lessons ensures that the parents are constantly aware of how the child is progressing, what challenges the child might be having and what approaches are needed to help the child improve. Children often cannot express themselves, and the voice of the parent can be helpful to the teacher in identifying any struggles or difficulties.

Attendance At Lessons: We strongly encourage parents to be present for all or nearly all lessons where it is possible. Parents do not need to participate in the lesson. Many parents simply read a magazine quietly. Little more than their presence is enough to ensure good behavior. If the teacher has a question, the parent can be asked immediately.

Help With Daily Practice: Parents should help the children with their daily practice (especially under age 10). This can be simply sitting in the room and making sure the student practices everything (checking off the assignment book), or can be hands-on with the student. Review of all written homework is strongly suggested, especially if the student repeatedly has homework reassigned due to incompletion or mistakes. Very often simply setting aside the time to be there is enough to ensure the student is focused on the assignment (not goofing off). For older children, simply make it known that you can "hear" them practice from the other room, and that should be sufficient.

Weekly Checkoff: Be sure to review the assignment book at the end of each week to make sure the student has prepared everything assigned - including all written homework. The teacher will always write specific goals for achievement, so have your child play the assignment so you can "hear" if the goal has been achieved. Even if you do not know music you can certainly tell if the student can play the music without stumbles or from memory (the two most common goals). Do not rely on the student saying, "Yes I did that!" Make sure that ALL BOOKS are ready for transport to the lesson (preferrably in a bag), especially if not coming to the lesson from home (e.g. from school, soccer, church, etc.). Make sure the child's nails are trimmed weekly before the lesson!

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