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Floating Lessons: Students who do not wish to enroll in a specific program, and do not want to be restricted by the policies regarding cancellations and maintaining a regular weekly lesson time may enroll for Floating Lessons by paying a non-refundable higher rate ($40/hour) in groups of at least 6 lessons in advance. No make ups are allowed for any missed Floating Lessons, regardless of the reason, but all lessons may be rescheduled with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Floating Lessons are scheduled on an ad-hoc basis according to calendar availability, and will only be scheduled at the instructor’s convenience. This generally means the student will have to take time slots that do not affect the regular schedule.

Floating Lessons will be scheduled only after payment is made, and payment for the next 6 lessons will be expected by the last lesson of the group, or can be mailed prior to scheduling. Lessons may be scheduled in advance if the time slot is not a prime lesson time (See Scheduling), or may be scheduled at the last minute to fill gaps created by cancellations. For subcontracted teachers, floating lessons must be either the first or last lesson of the teacher’s scheduled block. The faculty reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any Floating Lesson for any reason, and if possible will give the student at least 48 hours notice. No make ups are allowed for any Floating Lessons that are missed or cancelled by the student with less than 48 hours notice regardless of the reason, but there is no limit on rescheduling lessons with a minimum of 48 hours notice and students must complete the 6 lessons within one calendar year of the date the tuition is paid, or unused lessons will be forfeited (see Inactive Accounts Policy).

Special classes usually offered outside of the private lessons for students at certain levels are not available to students who have not also enrolled for the Full Term and tuition paid for Floating Lessons cannot be applied to Full Term Tuition.

(SEE HANDBOOK: Enrollment for complete policies regarding initial enrollment.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Tuition Schedules for complete policies regarding tuition.)

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