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New students are accepted at any time during the year.

Since KMI offers such generous discounts, it is necessary to restrict flexibility in enrollment, payment and refund options in order to make the rates financially feasible for us. Students may enroll for lessons in three different ways:

1) 6-Lesson Introduction. All new students are required to pay for 6 initial lessons. This is a new student trial period to establish that the student is interested in continued musical study, is compatible with the assigned faculty and is able to comply with the KMI policies. Payment in full is required prior to beginning lessons, and is non-refundable. New students may enroll at any time, but the 6 lessons must be completed before the end of the current term. Upon completion of the introductory period the student may then enroll for Floating Lessons or for Full Term of Lessons to complete the term (9 more lessons), and the tuition already paid will be applied to the Full Term Tuition.

6-Week Introductory Period
(non-refundable fee)
*no classroom courses
30 min.
45 min.
60 min.
75 min.
90 min.
105 min.
120 min.

2) Full Term of Lessons. All continuing students are expected to enroll for 15 weeks total (15 or 30 lessons) to begin and end according to KMI’s academic calendar year. New students may enroll for a full term if they choose, with the same payment arrangement policies as for continuing students still applying. Returning students who have withdrawn from KMI may enroll at any time for either a Full Term of Lessons, or for a specific number of Floating Lessons. (SEE REGULAR TUITION for details.)

3) Floating Lessons. Students who do not wish to enroll in a specific program, and do not want to be restricted by the policies regarding cancellations and maintaining a regular weekly lesson time may enroll for Floating Lessons by paying a non-refundable higher rate ($40/hour) in groups of at least 6 lessons in advance. No make ups are allowed for any missed Floating Lessons, regardless of the reason, but all lessons may be rescheduled with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Floating Lessons are scheduled on an ad-hoc basis according to calendar availability, and will only be scheduled at the instructor’s convenience. This generally means the student will have to take time slots that do not affect the regular schedule.

4) Non-Beginners: KMI offers three programs of study based on the student's knowledge, level of ability and seriousness: 1) CORE CURRICULUM (beginners of all types); 2) MUSIC APPRECIATION (intermediate and advanced students); 3) YOUNG ARTIST (intermediate and advanced students who are very serious). Except for the YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM all new TRANSFER students (those who have studied before) will enroll in the CORE CURRICULUM for the initial 6-Lesson Introductory Period, and will continue in the CORE CURRICULUM for the remainder of the current term. If the student is advanced enough to enroll in the MUSIC APPRECIATION PROGRAM, the student MAY change programs with the next FULL TERM, but are not required to change until completing one year of enrollment (three terms). Each program has different tuition levels commensurate to the level of teaching provided and the classwork courses offered. This flexibility is provided to new students in order to allow the student and faculty time to assess the student's actual level before the student is required to enroll in the program the best matches her/his knowledge and abilities.

(SEE HANDBOOK: Programs for complete policies regarding our different programs.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Enrollment for complete policies regarding initial enrollment.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Tuition Schedules for tuition details of all our programs.)

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