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At KMI we provide many ways for you to save money (and time).

Tuition: Instead of charging a FLAT RATE for lessons, KMI charges Term Tuition which covers the costs of lesson time, recitals, and background administrative costs. Because you commit to a full-term of 15 weekly lessons, we can charge a lower tuition because we are not as concerned with fluctuations in our studio caused by students quitting suddenly. Many teachers who charge a flat rate must charge a higher rate to cover the fluctuations and then charge extra fees for the other activities. Further, a tuition system allows for volume discounts (see below) and other savings that a flat rate cannot allow.

Volume Discounts: Unlike any university and most private teachers, KMI offers substantial discounts on tuition based on quantity of time enrolled. We specifically provide these discounts to help families provide education to all their children, and to ease the financial burden of longer lessons when a student advances to a level requiring them. Students or families receive a volume discount based on total time enrolled by the combined family members per week for the entire term. This means if ONE student enrolls for a 60 min./week lesson instead of 30 min./week, the student receives a savings of $95. LIKEWISE, a family enrolling TWO students each for 30 min./week will receive the same 60 min./week tuition rate. We can offer this kind of savings because of our ability to schedule concurrently (see below).

The chart below is excerpted from our TUITION SCHEDULES. The "Savings" column indicates how much money the family saves over the highest possible rate as the family adds MORE TIME or MORE STUDENTS to the weekly schedule. Notice that at the 30 min./week rate a 60 min. lesson would cost $550 per term, but OUR tuition is only $455 per term:

30 min.
45 min.
60 min.

Enrollment Options: Students may enroll in four different ways: 1) 6-Week Introductory (new students only); 2) Full-Term of lessons (15 weeks); 3) Supplementary Lessons (flat rate per lesson); or 4) Floating Lessons (also a flat rate). This flexibility allows students/families to save money by choosing the enrollment option that best fits their current situation.

Payment Plan Options: KMI expects payment in full for the entire term by the 20th of the month before the term begins. If this is not possible, KMI has four different payment plan options to make it easier. Students who pay in full before the term pay a lower tution by avoiding extra fees that are charged to offest the billing costs associated with the various payment plan options.

Books and Materials: KMI stocks almost all books and materials required for our students so that parents may purchase books from KMI directly. Prices at KMI include tax and are rounded up to the nearest half-dollar to keep the numbers simple. Although this KMI price is slightly higher than the cover price, it saves the parents significant time and money which would be spent driving to music stores to purchase books and avoids the possibility of purchasing the WRONG book. (Most music stores DO NOT allow for returns.)

Free Lesson Incentive: Since scheduling problems create extra work and hardship for both the faculty and the students, KMI rewards free lessons to full-term enrolled students who have perfect or near perfect attendance. A term is normally 17 weeks in length, but the tuition technically covers only 15 lessons. Therefore, if a student attends all lessons every week of the term, the student will automatically receive 2 FREE LESSONS. Just come to your lesson every week, and your tuition dollar is extended substantially!

Concurrent Scheduling: Two siblings can have their lessons at the same time, because of our multiple studio facility and multiple faculty. Often a parent will choose to take lessons just to have something to do instead of waiting for a child to have a lesson (this works very well for those longer 60 minute lesson times.)


Two Instruments, One Lesson: With our very talented faculty, it is often possible for students to schedule a single lesson time that combines both instruments of study: piano & voice, piano & violin, flute & voice, etc. This saves significant time in travel, waiting and scheduling - a welcome relief to busy parents already taxiing their kids to so many events each week! Likewise, because of combined scheduling we are able to offer the second instrument for a short 15 min. slot (combined is 45 min.) thus saving the family more money. (See Policies: Primary and Secondary Instruments, for more information regarding studying two instruments.)

Special Summer Scheduling: Since many students go away in the summer for long vacations, summer camp or to visit family, KMI offers several options to make summer scheduling more flexible. First, morning and early afternoon lessons are available in the summer on certain days for students who are able to come at those times. Secondly, the student may elect for only 10 or 12 lessons in the summer in order to allow for those long breaks. To take advantage of this program, the student must enroll for a lesson length of at least 15 minutes longer than the lesson length the student enrolled for in the Winter Term preceding, and no rescheduling or make-ups are allowed. Of course, the regular 15 lesson term is still available. See Tuition Schedules (Summer 12) for more details and actual fees.

(See Scheduling, for the specific policies.)

(See Tuition Policies for details)


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