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There are many other costs associated with music lessons beyond just the tuition. These can include books, concert tickets, instrument, instrument maintenance, and entrance fees for competitions, evaluations, ensembles and special performances. Before lessons begin, the student must have the following:

Books: New students will always need initial music books and an assignment book before lessons begin, and these typically cost between $15-$30 depending on the instrument and level. KMI maintains supplies of books and teaching materials to ensure that students may have them promptly as needed. The cost of all books or materials are separate from tuition and is payable immediately. Students may request additional books, and other optional materials, such as Christmas music, flashcards, metronome, instrument supplies, or may purchase the same on their own.

Metronome: A metronome is a device that produces a steady beat (click) to help the student maintain a steady beat while practicing. Metronomes are adjustable to specific numerical settings (beats per minute) so that the beat can be faster or slower, and to ensure the student is practicing at the correct speed. Many electronic keyboards have a built-in metronome, but most students will probably need to acquire a separate metronome. KMI stocks metronomes for around $40 each. Cheaper models can be acquired if the student wishes to purchase one himself/herself.

Instrument: If the student does not currently possess (own, rent or on loan) a suitable instrument for practice, the family must acquire one. At the Initial Consultation the faculty will assess the student's instrument to ensure that it is adequate for study. It may be necessary to replace, repair or otherwise pay for improvements or supplies if the faculty determine that what the student possesses is inadequate.

Transfer Students: Students who have studied with another teacher may already have music and teaching materials. The faculty will assess these materials at the initial consulation to determine if they are still usable or if new books and materials should be purchased.

(SEE Acquiring an Instrument for more information.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Non-Tuition for complete policies regarding other costs)

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