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There are many other costs associated with music lessons beyond just the tuition. These can include books, concert tickets, instrument, instrument maintenance, and entrance fees for competitions, evaluations, ensembles and special performances. Before lessons begin, the student must have the basics of BOOKS & INSTRUMENT. Throughout the student's education additional books and other costs will incur:

Books and Materials: KMI maintains supplies of books and teaching materials to ensure that students may have them promptly as needed. The cost of all books or materials are separate from tuition and is payable immediately. Students may request additional books, and other optional materials, such as Christmas music, flashcards, metronome, instrument supplies, or may purchase the same on their own. KMI may require students to pay a deposit to order special supplies not regularly stocked. Parents may purchase books from KMI directly, or may go to a local music store to purchase them. Prices at KMI include tax and are rounded up to the nearest half-dollar to keep the numbers simple.

Instrument Maintenance: Pianos must be kept in tune. String instruments must have new strings or the bow re-haired. Wind instruments require reeds and other repairs. There are numerous supplies and routine maintenance that instruments must have, and the parent should expect to spend about $100 or more per year on these costs.

Special Events: Throughout the year KMI organizes special events such as trips to the Pittsburgh Symphony. The fees for all events must be paid prior to the announced deadline, or the student is not eligible to participate.

Ensemble Fees: Students are encouraged, and often required, to participate in special large ensembles to round out their musical education. These may be choruses, musical theater, bands or orchestras and if they are not sponsored by the school, they will have a membership or tuition fee to cover their costs.

Competitions and Evaluations: All competitions and special evaluation programs require an entrance fee from each participating student, and this fee is the responsibility of the student or family.
Instrument: Students are expected to have a working instrument that is kept maintained and in tune. The family should budget routine maintenance and tuning costs on an annual basis. Specific instrument requirements are given in the department sections, and the family may consult with faculty regarding individual circumstance.

(SEE HANDBOOK: Non-Tuition for complete policies regarding other costs)

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