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CASH: KMI accepts CASH payments IN PERSON ONLY, preferrably at the time of a lesson. Give your cash to RANDY CHRISTNER or LEE KIKUCHI and be sure to obtain a CASH RECEIPT. If you must make a cash payment at a time other than your regularly scheduled lesson, please call in advance to ensure that someone is available to take your money. When sending cash with a student, it is advisable to seal it in an envelope (especially for amounts more than $20). The KMI Faculty will attach a receipt to the assignment notebook if the parent is not present to receive it. NEVER LEAVE CASH: 1) on the door or mailbox; 2) on a table; or 3) on the piano.

CHECKS: Make your checks payable to "KIKUCHI MUSIC INSTITUTE" or "KMI" (the abbreviation is much easier to writ)e. Most of our students pay by check, and we usually make deposits promptly. A fee of $50 will be assessed for each check that is returned by the bank as non-payable. PLEASE DO NOT POST-DATE CHECKS!

CREDIT CARD: We can accept credit card payments ONLY via PayPal on the Internet. We have two web pages set up for payments: 1) CONSULTATION DEPOSIT and 2) REGULAR PAYMENTS. For either page, simply enter the information in the blocks provided, and click SUBMIT & PAY NOW to proceed to PayPal. You must then CONFIRM through PayPal (also called "CHECK OUT") before your payment is processed. We will receive notification of your payment from PayPal via e-mail.

CONFIRMATION: We normally DO NOT confirm any payments received (via phone, email or in person) unless you make the request for such confirmation. All payments and charges made during the term are reflected on the monthly billing statement which is mailed whenever there is a balance due and once the account is paid in full. If you wish us to confirm receipt of your payment, please send us a separate e-mail or call us and we will be happy to confirm any payments received.

(SEE HANDBOOK: Tuition Schedules for tuition details of all our programs.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Accounting for all details of our accounting methods and penalities.)


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