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STARTUP: At your Initial Consultation, the KMI Faculty will give you an itemized statement listing tuition, books and other costs required before lessons begin. You have the option of: 1) Signing up immediately; 2) Taking the form to think about it; or 3) Choose not to sign up - possibly wait until later. If you choose to sign up immediately, your deposit fee will be applied to the tuition, otherwise the deposit will be returned to you. Once you sign up - these charges and your payments will be posted to your account to be reflected in your next billing statement.

TUITION: Tuition for the next term will be applied to your acccount on the 12th of the month before the next term begins. The tuition amount will be the SAME as your current enrollment unless you inform the faculty otherwise of any increase or reduction in time. The New Term Bills will be mailed around the 12th of the month and first payment is due the 20th of the month. However, this will NOT be your first notice of payment, since notice of the next term payment will appear on your final term bill statement of the current term, which would have been mailed 30-90 days prior to the end of the term.

BOOKS & MATERIALS: Any books or materials sold to the students during lessons will be posted to the account immediately to be shown on the next term billing statement. Regularly scheduled advancement in assigned method books, and other sequential systems will be assigned as soon as the student is ready for them. All supplemental materials will be confirmed with the parent prior to purchase if the parent is present at the lesson. If the parent is not present, the student will be asked for confirmation and notation will be made in the assignment book. Parents should attend lessons regularly, and if this is not possible must confer with the student and his/her assignment book regularly so that such charges are not a surprise when the billing statement arrives.

SPECIAL FEES: When students enroll in special events such as Juried Evaluations (PPTA Piano Evaluations), competitions or other similar events, the applicable fee is paid by KMI and charged to the student. Prior to any such event KMI will require that the student and parent sign a consent form for participation and this form will explain any fees and required material costs.

BILLING STATEMENTS: Account/Billing Statements will be mailed to the student/parent monthly if there is a balance due - or at least once during the term if the account is paid in full. An Account Statement will be included in the Next Term Billing as well, to show any balance due if applicable and to provide a detailed statement of the previous terms charged for the student/parent to examine prior to enrollment for the next term. Because of the increased administrative and postage costs associated with mailing monthly statements, all accounts selecting a payment plan option will be charged a $5 processing fee. Students paying in full at the beginning of the term will not be charged this fee, but will receive one account statement automatically to detail their account history for their records.

PENALTIES: a) Except in the case of the 6-Week Introductory Period and Floating Lessons, a withdrawal fee of $25 per student will be assessed each individual student that withdraws from KMI before the end of the term; b) a drop instrument fee of $15 per instrument per student will be assessed each individual student that drops private lessons on any instrument before the end of the term, but continues another primary instrument; c) a fee of $50 will be assessed for each check that is returned by the bank as non-payable; d) a late fee of $25 will be assessed for any scheduled payment that is 5 or more days over due; e) the student will be automatically withdrawn if any scheduled payment is 15 days over due, with all withdrawal fees (per student) also assessed. Payment in full for the term, plus any penalty fees and interest will be required before the student is placed back on the schedule. Scheduling will be based upon calendar availability at the time the account is paid in full.

(SEE HANDBOOK: Tuition Schedules for tuition details of all our programs.)

(SEE HANDBOOK: Accounting for all details of our accounting methods and penalities.)


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