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KMI offers a wide variety of scheduling options which are efficient and very convenient for the family. Sibling students can have lessons concurrently. Lessons are offered Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are currently reserved for makeups and are kept free due to the faculty involvement in other professional activities such as teaching, rehearsing or performing, but if there is sufficient demand and the other days are full, these days will be made available as regular lesson days.)

New Students: New students enrolling for either the 6-Weekly Lesson Introduction, or for the full term must select a regular lesson time based on current availabilty. Students with unusual schedules (adults with week days off or home schooled students) are encouraged to select lesson times that are NOT during the peek times (weekends, or weekdays 3:00pm to 9:00pm). Students who have their regular lesson time during off-peek hours are given more latitude regarding missed and rescheduled lessons. (See Admission for new student procedures.)

Term Scheduling: Students are asked to select a preferred lesson day/time each term, and are expected to keep that timeslot throughout the term. The term schedule is determined by the faculty based on lesson time requests and seniority of the students. Students are permitted to change their lesson time mid-term providing there is another available time that works for them. (See Scheduling, for the specific policies.)

Concurrent Scheduling: Two siblings can have their lessons at the same time, because of our multiple studio facility and multiple faculty. Often a parent will choose to take lessons just to have something to do instead of waiting for a child to have a lesson (this works very well for those longer 60 minute lesson times.)


Two Instruments, One Lesson: With our very talented faculty, it is often possible for student to schedule a single lesson time that combines both instruments of study: piano & voice, piano & violin, flute & voice, etc. This saves so much time in travel and waiting. Likewise, because of combined scheduling we are able to offer the second instrument for a short 15 min. slot (combined is 45 min.) thus saving the family more money. (See Policies: Primary and Secondary Instruments, for more information regarding studying two instruments.)

Special Summer Scheduling: Since many students go away in the summer for long vacations, summer camp or to visit family, KMI offers several options to make summer scheduling more flexible. First, morning and early afternoon lessons are available in the summer on certain days for students who are able to come at those times. Secondly, the student may elect for only 10 or 12 lessons in the summer in order to allow for those long breaks. To take advantage of this program, the student must enroll for a lesson length of at least 15 minutes longer than the lesson length the student enrolled for in the Winter Term preceding, and no rescheduling or make-ups are allowed. Of course, the regular 15 lesson term is still available. See Tuition Schedules (Summer 12) for more details and actual fees. (See Scheduling, for the specific policies.)

(See Summary of Policy Changes 2007.)


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