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The Kikuchi Music Institute has many programs that help make a music education VERY AFFORDABLE. Most important is our tuition per term system, which benefits all students. Some students pay for the term in two simple payments. Some pay for the entire term up front, and appreciate not having to worry about monthly payments. The remainder pay using one of our two other payments options that allow for a more spread out payment schedule. In addition, we have Free Lesson Incentives and Merit Scholarships which benefit students who show strong commitment (see below). Finally, on occasion donations received can be used to help families with financial need. This latter is rare, but has been a true blessing for those who have benefitted from it.

Term Plan: The Kikuchi Music Institute operates on a tuition-per-term basis, which keeps our overall rates much lower than other private teachers. By committing to and paying for a 15-lesson term, you get a lower overall rate because we are guaranteed the income for the entire term. Our actual per-hour rate is 20-40% lower than most over private teachers.

Affordable Rates: The rates of private music teachers vary widely across the region, depending on factors such as regional economics, property values, credentials, and years of teaching. Although KMI does not utilize an hourly rate, our rates (between $27/hour and $37/hour depending on discounts) are below the average for the region ($40/hour), and our rates are substantially lower than what universtities charge ($60-80/hour). (See PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS for more information on the history of private teacher rates and how we compare to the various educational systems.)

Volume Discounts: The cost of a music education is considerable even for just one student, and for a family it becomes so much more difficult. For this reason, KMI provides substantial discounts for siblings and family members who enroll together (15-20%). These discounts are built into our tuition system. For a simple comparison, one term of 30 minute lessons (15 total) is $250 [$33.33/hour or $16.66 per lesson], and one term of 60 minute lessons is $410 [27.33/hour]. The more time for which the family enrolls, the more the discount. The volume discount applies to total time enrolled, regardless of instrument(s) or number of students. (See COSTS for more information on the KMI policies and understanding how our system saves you money by keeping costs down.)

Free Lesson Incentive: Since difficulties in scheduling are the single cost increasing aspect of private teaching, at KMI we award our students who have perfect attendance with FREE LESSONS. Any student who attends all scheduled lessons is entitled to TWO free lessons, and any student who has missed or rescheduled only one lesson is entitled to ONE free lesson. (See MISSED LESSONS policy for complete description and details of this program.)

Merit Scholarships: Students who perform at an extremely high level on standardized juried evaluations (98% or better) receive a merit scholarship of $25, $50 or $100 toward their next term tuition (depending on achievement).

Financial Need: On occasion the school receives donations from generous individuals to be used toward tuition for students in financial need. When received, the director confers with the donor regarding requirements and selection of the deserving individual. These donations are sporatic and rare, and are always awarded to students who have already shown commitment toward music education (regular attendence of lessons, preparation at home, progress, and other achievements.)

Outside Funding: There are some scholarships available for music students, some of which are based on merit (winning a competition) and some are based on financial need. Go to this web page to learn about them and to determine if you qualify. If you become aware of other financial assistance programs, please make us aware of them too so that we may expand this resource list.

Initial Lessons: New students must sign up for, and commit to 6-Initial Lessons, than can pay to complete the term, or may sign up for the entire 15-Lesson term from the first lesson.

Payments Due: Payment for a full term is due before the term begins, or students may agree to one of three payment plans.

Floating Lesson: Students who cannot commit to weekly lessons may sign up at a higher rate for Floating Lessons (6 Lessons at a time - to be taken anytime within one year).

Click here for our detailed TUITION SCHEDULES.

(See Summary of Policy Changes 2007.)

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