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The Kikuchi Music Institute hosts a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of all our students and ensure that our students receive the best possible music education available. All students begin their music education in the Core Curriculum Program, which provides the basic background needed for intermediate and advanced study. The Core Curriculum normally requires 5-7 years for completion. Students completing the Core Curriculum would continue their enrollment in either the Music Appreciation or Young Artist Programs.

Non-Beginners: Except for the YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM, all new TRANSFER students (those who have studied before) will enroll in the CORE CURRICULUM for the initial 6-Lesson Introductory Period, and will continue in the CORE CURRICULUM for the remainder of the current term. If the student is advanced enough to enroll in the MUSIC APPRECIATION PROGRAM, the student MAY change programs with the next FULL TERM, but are not required to change until completing one year of enrollment (three terms). Each program has different tuition levels commensurate to the level of teaching provided and the classwork courses offered. This flexibility is provided to new students in order to allow the student and faculty time to assess the student's actual level before the student is required to enroll in the program the best matches her/his knowledge and abilities.

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