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The KMI Core Curriculum provides a solid foundation in playing an instrument, reading music, technique, and music theory. In addition, the student is exposed to classical music literature of all styles and periods. Optional materials are available for students who wish to explore popular, rock, jazz, gospel or other styles of music. Upon successful completion of the core curriculum, the student is ready to proceed to the intermediate level and has the option of two programs: Young Artist or Music Appreciation. Acceptance into the Young Artist Program is based on audition and evaluation. N.B. The Music Appreciation and Young Artist Programs are not available for all the instruments offered in the Core Curriculum. Consult each department individually to verify levels of instruction available.

See Admission Policies for requirements to enroll in the Core Curriculum Program, especially regarding children under age 7. All beginners and students Levels 1 to 4 would enroll in the Core Curriculum.

Depending on the age and diligence of the student, each level typically requires 8 to 12 months for successful completion (although some very serious students have progressed at 6 months per level, and some very slow students have taken 2 years to complete each level). Each student progresses at his/her own pace, so that full mastery of the material is acquired before advancement. This ensures a much more fulfilling experience as the difficulty of music increases, and guards against painful remedial instruction to make up for insufficient or missing skills.

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