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At KMI we are committed to keeping our tuition rates very low. When compared to the universities, our rates are about 50%. When compared to other small music schools our rates are between 50% and 75%. Our rates compare most favorably to private piano teachers, where we are at the median level. We are below the median compared to other private non-piano teachers, because their smaller student population requires that they charge higher rates (usually upwards of $60/hour).

Please keep in mind that in order to keep our rates low we have implemented strict policies and penalties, as well as a positive incentive program (free lesson reward). The success of these policies has been proven over the years, and helps keep us from raising our rates in the future. Instead, our goal is to raise rates only for reasons of economic change (cost of living).

Strict Payment Policies and Penalties: These policies are designed to address issues of students who frequently miss lessons, decrease lesson time, discontinue a secondary instrument, and withdraw mid-term, by imposing a variety of penalties. Students who attend regularly, pay on time and are otherwise compliant to the policies benefit because of the low rates, and are not impacted by penalties. In fact, students with perfect attendance are rewarded with free lessons!

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