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Scheduling: Private music instruction requires careful management of the schedule so that students are ensured of their full lesson time, and the faculty is not burdened with wasted time in the form of gaps. Clearly, emergencies happen and everyone has events that can interrupt a regular routine. Many private teachers simply raise their rates so that their overall income is reasonable despite frequent scheduling problems, and the universities simply enforce strict “no-show = no make-up” policies. However, at KMI we are committed to providing quality music education that is affordable. Therefore, out of fairness and respect to all parties concerned, KMI has designed some simple policies instead of raising rates, in order to help minimize these occurrences, and to make clear the options available to our students when the unavoidable does happen.

Concurrent Scheduling: KMI hosts a multiple faculty and multiple studio facility which provides many ways in which the family can save time in scheduling music lessons. Students enrolled for primary and secondary instrumental study with the same faculty member will be scheduled for both instruments at the same lesson time. Siblings will be scheduling at the same lesson time concurrently with different faculty (as the schedule permits). In some cases, siblings will rotate betwen two faculty members to gain the benefit of instruction from both (if the family is agreeable). Families who enroll for both private lessons and Music Together Classes can schedule the private lesson time for the same time that the Music Together Class meets, so the family need make only one trip for music lessons, providing the faculty schedules permit this concurrent scheduling.

Academic Year: The academic year at KMI is divided into three equal terms of 17 weeks. Within that 17 week term, the student is required to have 15 weeks of lessons (whether once, twice or three times weekly). Make-ups for missed lessons are described below under “Missed Lessons”. All classroom courses are scheduled for 15 one-hour sessions, and if a student misses any class the student is personally responsible for making up the work missed, including tests.

Summer Short Courses: KMI offers more elective musicology courses in the summer than during the academic year because students have more time during the week. These special electives do not start at the beginning of the term, but rather after the school year ends. Instead of fifteen 1-hour classes, the students will attend ten 90-minute classes.

KMI 2007-08 Academic Calendar
Fall 2007: Aug. 28 – Dec. 30, 2007
Winter 2008: Jan. 2 – Apr. 27, 2008
Summer 2008: Apr. 28– Aug. 23, 2008
(Short) June 15– Aug. 23, 2008

Prime Time: Due to school and work schedules, all day weekends and weekdays after 3pm are considered PRIME TIME for music lessons. KMI faculty do provide lessons during non-prime time hours and any students available for those times (home schooled and adults with scheduleds days off during the week) are strongly encouraged to schedule their lesosns during the non-prime time hours.

Availability: Lessons are offered Mondays (all day), Tuesdays (before 3pm), Wednesdays (between 3pm and 6pm), Thursdays (before 3pm), Fridays (before 6pm), Saturdays (between 3pm and 6pm) and Sundays (all day). The unavailable times on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are currently reserved for faculty involvement in other professional activities such as teaching, rehearsing, professional meetings or performing and can be used only for occasional makeups when available. If there is sufficient demand and the other days are full, some times on these days (shown in purple below) can be made available as regular lesson times. The chart below shows the GENERAL scheduling availability based on faculty availability. Keep in mind that current KMI students occupy many of the available time slots indicated, so availability to new students is not fully shown.






N.B. Students will be scheduled before 10:00am and after 8:00pm ONLY if other students are scheduled in the intervening time slots (no gaps in the schedule). Meal times can be adjusted as the schedule requires.

New Students: New students not enrolling in the Young Artist Program may enroll at any time for either: 1) the full term, or 2) the 6-Week Introductory Period. Students entering the Young Artist Program always enroll for the Fall Term. Payment in full for the 6-Week Introductory, or first payment for the full term (according to the payment plans listed below) plus cost for any books and materials must be received before any new student will be placed on the schedule.

The fact that KMI faculty may indicate available times, discuss a tentative lesson time, or even pencil in a student on a certain date does not imply that the time is promised to the new student prior to receipt of payment. When scheduling for the upcoming term, current students always get priority over new students, and the schedule is not set until the 20th of the month before (See Priority Selection of Lesson Time, below).

New students enrolling for a full term of lessons, but starting after the first day of the term must schedule the necessary make up lesson time to ensure completion of the 15 lessons before the end of the term. The only payment arrangements eligible for new students starting after the beginning of the term are: 1) payment in full on or before the first lesson, or 2) an initial payment of 50% and payment in full within 30 days following the first lesson.

New students enrolling for the 6-Week Introduction must complete all six lessons before the end of the term, even if this requires extra time or scheduling extra lessons.

Changing Lesson Times Mid-Term: Students may request to change lesson times at any time mid-term. If the requested lesson time is currently available the change can be made immediately, or can be reserved and made effective up to 30 days into the future. Once the request to change has been made, the new time slot is reserved and the student’s current time slot becomes available to other students (to be taken after the effective date of the change). If the student decides not to change after the request has been made or chooses to switch back after the change, the student can return to the original time slot only if another student has not requested it, otherwise the student must choose a new lesson time based on availability. If a student wishes to request a time slot that is not currently available, she or he may be added to a waiting list for that date and time. A student may be wait-listed for up to 3 different time slots, and students will be offered whatever time slot becomes available first. Different students requesting the same time are placed on the waiting list in order of seniority (see below). Prior to any decision to change, faculty will advise the student of any other students on the wait list for their current time so that the student will be aware that she or he will lose his or her current time because it will be offered to someone else.

Priority Selection of Next Term Lesson Times: Each term an entirely new schedule will be created based on seniority. All students may request up to 5 different time slots for the upcoming term in order of preference (back-to-back time slots may be listed separately or as a block), and must make their requests by the 20th of the month prior to the beginning of the term. A master schedule for the new term will be made based on seniority and the requests submitted. Any requests received after the deadline will be considered only based on the remaining availability, and despite the late student’s seniority no other student will be “bumped” from an assigned time slot. First payment for the term must be made to secure the requested time slot. If first payment is not received by the deadline then the student’s time slot may be offered to another student who requested it.

Prime Lesson Time: Due to the need to schedule school-age students around the school day and their parents’ work schedule, the time period from 3pm to 9pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday are considered prime lesson times. On the schedules for subcontracted teachers, the prime lesson time is any lesson between the first and last lesson of the teacher’s schedule block. Hence, the first and last lesson are not prime time. Prime lesson times are reserved for full-term enrolled weekly students and not available to students enrolled for Floating or Supplementary Lessons for advanced scheduling, but can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance or used as a last minute fill-in for a cancellation.

Summer Calendar: Since many students go away in the summer for long vacations, summer camp or to visit family, KMI offers several options to make summer scheduling more flexible. First, morning and early afternoon lessons are available in the summer on certain days for students who are able to come at those times. Secondly, the student may elect for only 10 or 12 lessons in the summer in order to allow for those long breaks. To take advantage of this program, the student must enroll for a lesson length of at least 15 minutes longer than the lesson length the student enrolled for in the Winter Term preceding, and no rescheduling or make-ups are allowed. Of course, the regular 15 lesson term is still available. See Tuition Schedules (Summer 12) for more details and actual fees.

Seniority: For all matters of priority in scheduling, wait listing and any other issues where seniority is used to award a benefit, seniority is determined by the date of the student’s first lesson and in the case of multiple family members, seniority is determined by the first enrolled student within the family. An individual student loses seniority if withdrawn from the institute for more than 3 months or if the student withdraws before completing the term more than one time within any 12-month period and seniority is then determined by the first lesson date following the most recent gap or incomplete term. A family loses seniority if a period of 3 months passes where no student within the family is enrolled or if all students in the family have withdrawn before completing the term more than one time any 12-month period and seniority is then determined by the first lesson date of any family member following the most recent gap or incomplete term.

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