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Regular Lesson Times: Prior to beginning the term or at the time of enrollment, the student and faculty will determine a regular lesson time or times. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons for the term. Students enrolled for the 6-Week Introduction, Supplementary Lessons or Floating Lessons are not covered under these policies. (See “Tuition and Costs” and “Term Scheduling”.)

Free Lesson Incentive: Since scheduling problems create extra work and hardship for both the faculty and the students, KMI rewards free lessons to full-term enrolled students who have perfect or near perfect attendance. A term is normally 17 weeks in length, but the tuition technically covers only 15 lessons. Therefore, if a student attends all lessons every week of the term, the student will automatically receive 2 FREE LESSONS. Just come to your lesson every week, and your tuition dollar is extended substantially!

Lesson Swapping: Full-term enrolled students are permitted to swap lessons with any other student within the same week, provided that the lesson is with the same faculty member and the same length of time. Students interested in participating in the swap will be placed on a list and the list distributed to all who are on it. Since many of our students study more than one instrument, the list of eligible “swapees” can be quite small. There is no limit on swapping lessons and they do not count toward the limit of two rescheduled lessons per term (see below).

Rescheduling and Cancellations: Full-term enrolled students are permitted a maximum of two rescheduled or make-up lessons per term. In order for a missed or cancelled lesson to qualify for make-up or rescheduling, it must meet one of these conditions: 1) The student must have called to reschedule at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time; or 2) The reason for missing the lesson must be a justifiable emergency, such as illness, catastrophe, death in the family, etc. The timeliness of the notification must reflect the nature of the emergency. For example, a NO-SHOW for reasons of illness is normally not acceptable, as a phone call can be made before the lesson time.

No-Shows: Failure to show for a lesson, without any notification, is an automatically forfeited lesson and cannot be made up unless the nature of the emergency justifies the failure to notify as well as the reason for missing the lesson. Traffic problems, work demands, and scheduling conflicts are never justifiable emergencies.

Same-Day Changes in Lesson Time: The student may switch lesson times within the same day as the regularly scheduled lesson with less than 48 hours notice, providing the calendar has availability and the KMI faculty have confirmed the change will work. Such changes do not count toward the maximum of two rescheduled lessons per term as explained above. Leaving messages about the need to change and willingness to reschedule for the same day do not count as a same-day change because the faculty have not confirmed that a different time-slot is actually available. Lesson times changed with more than 48 hours notice are covered under the regular rescheduling policy, as such changes block out times in the calendar which could be given to another student as a regular time-slot.

Make-up Lessons: Lessons can be made up by scheduling lessons at least 30 minutes in length on days other than the regular lesson day, or by adding time to the existing lesson day/time in increments of at least 15 minutes. Make-up lessons and additional time are possible only if the schedule permits. The faculty will not change other students’ regular lesson times to accommodate make-up lessons. The faculty may contact students regarding time availability due to cancellations, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to contact faculty for make-up time availability.

After the last day of the term (consult the academic calendar) any missed lesson that is not made up is forfeited. The lack of availability in the calendar may make it difficult or impossible for a student to reschedule a missed lesson, but it is not the responsibility of the faculty to make time available outside the normal schedule nor to remind the student of any pending makeup lessons. The student is 100% responsible for scheduling make ups. (See “Scheduling Policies” for further details).

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