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The Kikuchi Music Institute currently provides private instruction in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, saxophone, recorder, guitar and music composition, and as we recruit additional faculty we will soon be able to offer music instruction on many other instruments as well. Our goal is to provide you, your son or your daughter all the tools and knowledge necessary for the lifelong appreciation of music, whether as amateur or professional.

Mid Term Admission: Except for the Young Artist Program (see below), KMI accepts students at any time throughout the year, but certain policies apply to ensure that the student completes the 6-Week Introduction before the beginning of the next term. After the 6-Week Introduction, continuing students are expected to enroll for the next Full Term.

Beginners: Anyone age 7 and above (including adults of all ages), who has a desire to learn music, who has an instrument to practice, who demonstrates a commitment to study and who does not have special needs or limitations that cannot be accommodated at KMI, will be accepted as a student in the Core Curriculum at KMI. Students without an instrument will be accepted on a case-by-case contingency basis, while parents’/student’s efforts to obtain an instrument are made. Please refer to the Core Curriculum section for further details about admission. (See ADULT BEGINNERS if you or the student is over 12.)

Pre-School: Children ages 9 months to 5 years are encouraged to enroll in our Music Together Classes. Children ages 4-6 interested in private piano lessons, must be evaluated and will be accepted only if the evaluation demonstrates that the child is physically, socially and cognitively ready for lessons. Prior musical study and/or participation in our Music Together Classes will be taken into consideration as acceptable prerequisite for private study. (See Pre-School Music Education). Piano and recorder are the only instruments available to students under age 7, unless the student has completed 2 years of piano instruction. Such students are permitted to take another secondary instrument as young as age 5 because their reading ability, musical knowledge and motor skills should be developed enough for string or wind instrument study.

Transfer Students: Transfer students will be accepted based upon audition, to assess the student’s background, progress and goals. The faculty at KMI reserve the right to decline admission to a transfer student who has not demonstrated adequate progress on the instrument for the student’s age group, or for reasons of professional ethics.

The faculty will utilize the 6-Week Introductory Period as an opportunity to better assess the student’s knowledge and technical abilities, and will develop an academic plan for continued study. This plan will specify theory, technique and repertoire, and may require that the student engage in remedial study to fill in gaps or insufficiencies from former instruction.

Please refer to Core Curriculum or Music Appreciation Program sections for further details regarding admission and placement of transfer students.

Young Artist Program: Currently KMI offers the Young Artist Program for three primary instruments: piano, voice and composition. As the Institute grows, additional instruments will be offered in this program as appropriate faculty are hired. Acceptance into this special program requires an application, entrance examination and audition. Students must submit a completed application with supporting documentation, and must audition for the faculty. After audition the student will be admitted into the program, or advised to enroll as a Music Appreciation Student. Please refer to the Young Artist Program Section, and the appropriate department section for further details regarding admission requirements and application.

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