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Every music student is capable of participating in a choral ensemble. For piano and vocal students, this is the best way to experience large ensemble music making. There are choral ensembles for students of all ages, and every KMI student is required to participate in at least one ensemble. If orchestra or band is not available to you, try one of these choral groups.




School Chorus: Every school will have some sort of special chorus and ALL KMI students SHOULD participate if one is available and they are not already involved in an instrumental class. Usually, the chorus will perform twice a year (Fall and Spring), and the experience is invaluable to all musicians for improving the ear, sense of rhythm and awareness of pitch. The school chorus is likely be the student's only available performance ensemble until reaching Middle School.

Church Children's Choir: Many large churches have a children's choir that prepares young members for joining the adult choir later in life. Normally, the children's choir performs only a few times a year, often around the major holidays. If you attend a church, ask your church music director about a children's choir.

Centers for the Musically Talented: The Pittsburgh Public School system offers a special Saturday program for singers from grades 4 - 12 at the CAPA High School building downtown. This program includes lessons, classes, and ensembles. KMI voice students in the public school system are strongly encouraged to participate in Centers. KMI's own director, Mr. Kikuchi, studied cello within the PPS Centers Program.

All-City Chorus : The Pittsburgh Public School system offers special choral singing opportunities for students in grades 4 - 12. There are three levels: Elementary, Junior and Senior which are based on student grade level and ability (more qualified younger students may enter an upper level chorus). KMI voice students in the public school system are strongly encouraged to participate in the All-City Chorus.

Children's Festival Chorus (CFC): This amazing youth ensemble accepts singers in grades 3, 4 and 5 only, who demonstrate musical potential. All KMI students in these grades are strongly encouraged to join. The CFC sponsors a three-tier program where the most advanced group (students ages 10-15) often sing with the Pittsburgh Sympony, the Pittsburgh Opera and other professional performance organizations in Pittsburgh. Each group performs twice each year (Fall and Spring). The most advanced group (Bel Canto Singers) performs more often because of the aforementioned opportunities. Auditions are in April for the following year. Rehearsals begin with a special summer day camp, then are weekly until the week of performance. Visit their web site for details.

Junior Mendelssohn Choir: This choir is sponsored by the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh for students in Middle School through High School. Students must demonstrate substantial musical skill and experience through audition. Performances include major works by significant composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms (sung in Latin or German), and more popular choral pieces sung in English. Auditions are in September for a Fall concert (no spring concert). Rehearsals begin with Saturday all-day retreat then are weekly until the week of performance. Visit their web site for details.

(See TUTORIAL: TIMELINES for more information on student performance and progress at the Kikuchi Music Institute.)

(See ADULT PERFORMANCE for a list of area adult performance ensembles.)

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