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"We feel very fortunate to have found KMI. Our three year old daughter had been with another piano teacher for several weeks and we were told that she was not ready to begin lessons. We then began lesson with Mr. Kikuchi and he was able to work very well with her. In the seven months that she has been at KMI, she has made great strides. Mr. Kikuchi always maintains a positive approach which is very important especially with very young children. I would recommend KMI to anyone who is looking for top quality musical education." (2007, Brad OConnell)

"Stephanie really didn’t say much about her [first] lesson last night. She did say one thing that seemed to sum it up though: She said that this teacher [Mr. Kikuchi] made all the other teachers she had seem like they didn’t know what they were doing. She was very impressed with him." (2007, Stephanie's Mother)

"By the way - I don't think that she [Alyssa] told you, but she was the only freshmen to be assigned a singing part when the cast list [Les Miserables] was announced!  She was so excited.  That doesn't mean that other freshmen won't get singing parts assigned as the rehearsals go on, but to be singled out really meant a lot to her.  Mr. Kikuchi really gave her the confidence to succeed." (2007, Alyssa's Mother)

"Nobody teaches like you [Mr. Kikuchi]. You are simply amazing!" (2007, Marjorie O'Donnell)

"Thank you so very much for being the Elementary Competition Judge. From experience I know that it is hard work. Your [Mr. Kikuchi] comments amazed me - how precise. They were right on the mark, displaying confidence and kindness while getting the message across!" (2007, Cece Miller, Piano Teacher and Chairman for the 2007 PPTA Elementary Solo Piano Competition)

"Every year my boys score higher on their intelligence [standardized] tests, and my youngest just won a $1000 college scholarship in an essay competition. I am CERTAIN this is 100% contributable to their music lessons and all the hard work they do here!" (2008, Mary Ann Dean mother of three boys ages 15, 13, and 10).




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