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The Kikuchi Music Institute is continuously hiring new faculty. We are currently most interested in teachers for instruments not covered by our current faculty: clarinet, oboe, basson, tuba, advanced classical guitar, electric bass, and percussion. We also give preference to teachers qualified to teach more than one instrument (e.g. piano & clarinet, trumpet & trombone & french horn). All candidates must currently have PA Act 34/151 clearances verifying they have no criminal record or history of child abuse, or must be willing to obtain them as part of the recruitment process.

Policies, Philosophy & Curriculum: All teachers at KMI must agree to abide by the established policies, teaching philosophy and curriculum, which includes teaching materials and academic requirements. (Refer to the current Handbook - most of which is on this web site and which can be downloaded from the HOME PAGE).

Subcontractors: Most teachers at KMI will be hired initially as independent subcontractors. Subcontractor teachers are paid a flat rate based solely on the teaching hours worked, and are responsible for their own taxes, health insurance, and other expenses. Subcontractor teachers will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year to file their taxes.

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Full-Time Faculty: Those teachers who have accrued enough students equivalent to more than 25 hours per week, or who have been hired to take over a studio of equivalent size, will be hired as "Full-Time Faculty". Full-Time Faculty will have health insurance and retirement benefits, and will be paid a flat monthly salary commensurate to their experience, size of their studio and administrative responsibilites. Salaries can be adjusted at any time to reflect work effort changes. Full-Time Faculty will also be assigned additional administrative responsibilities as requested by the director, or other similar authority.

Application for Employment: If you are interested in teaching at KMI, send us a resume (email or USPS) so that we can review your qualifications. If we have current need for a teacher with your skills we will contact you for an interview, otherwise we will keep it on file for the future should we not be hiring at the moment. If you have never applied for Act 34/151 Clearances, visit the following web sites to obtain applications and get the process rolling. Both forms can be obtained from either web site. All teachers of children should have these clearances, so it is worth your time and money to obtain them even if you will not be working at KMI. All Pennsylvania public schools and most private schools require them.

PA Department of Education

PA Department of Public Welfare


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