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KMI offers private lesson instruction for all voice types: sopranos, mezzosopranos, altos, tenor, baritones and basses, provided by very highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Kikuchi Vocal Method: The Director, Mr. Kikuchi is currently authoring an important milestone vocal method series which is already being beta-tested on our students. All voice students benefit from Mr. Kikuchi's experience and expertise by using this method series, which was developed simply becuase no other method system exists. If you click on the link above, you can download sample pages of the books to see how wonder they are.

Piano Requirement: All Core Curriculum students are expected to study piano (whether at KMI or with another piano teacher) and this is a requirement for all students under age 18. Students age 18 or older may waive the requirement by demonstrating piano basic skills equal to a Level 3 at a piano audition and passing a written theory test.

Ensemble: Participation in a chorus is the goal for most voice students, and is encouraged for voice students of all levels and all ages. Students are required to participate in their school, church or community chorus. (See Choral Ensembles for more information. )

Musical Theater: Many voice students hope to participate in musical theater, either as soloist (lead) or supernumerary (chorus). The KMI Vocal Program prepares students for theatrical singing both in technique and performance practice.

Accompaniment: All singers must learn to sing with piano accompaniment. Highly skilled KMI piano faculty are available at lessons and for recitals to accompany voice students. When appropriate, advanced piano students will be invited to accompany voice students in recitals to give advanced piano students the educational opportunity of accompanying a soloist.

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