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Core Curriculum
Music Theory
Music History

Musicology is the study of music in every way except performance. It includes music theory and music history. Although all musicologists have a solid back-ground in the techniques of playing at least one musical instrument, they have devoted their lives to the study of music from the position of scholar and researcher. KMI recruits only highly qualified teachers to teach musicology courses.

At KMI our Musicology Department provides the coursework in both theory and music history for our stu-dents in the Music Appreciation and Young Artist Programs. Classes are offered weekly (15 sessions) dur-ing the term, and students are required to make up any missed work on their own. Written homework, reading, listening assignments, regular quizzes, examinations, a final exam and papers are required by these courses, commensurate with their level. Some classes even in-clude the opportunity for students to perform, as a way of applying their musicology knowledge to the perform-ance of music.

Being a small school, many courses are offered only once per year, and some of the more advanced or elective courses are offered only on alternating year rotation. Likewise, more courses (especially the electives) are of-fered in the summer when students have more time (no school work) and scheduling is easier. Each student must develop a clear plan to ensure progress through the different musicology levels in conjunction with her or his progress through private instruction. Completion of the required musicology courses is just as important as the technique and performance requirements for the student to advance to the next level.

Each program and department lists the Musicology courses which are required accordingly, on a chart that recommends the best sequence and scheduling of these courses. The student has some flexibility to take courses out of sequence, especially if the student is required to retake a class. However, it is possible that a student will be kept from advancing to the next level because of an incomplete or unmet musicology requirement.

Currently, all courses are taught by faculty who also teach private instrument lessons, but as the Institute grows we have no doubt that we will eventually be able to, and in fact will be forced to hire faculty specifically for the purpose of teaching the musicology courses.

Lee W. Kikuchi (Advanced Music Theory and Music History)
Randall Christner (Piano, String and Wind Music Theory)
Nate Nypaver (Guitar Music Theory)
Richard Murrell (Brass Music Theory)

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