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KMI offers private lesson instruction in trumpet, French horn, Euphonium and trombone, provided by very highly qualified and experienced teachers. Brass instruments are exciting and strong, giving an orchestra its power and adding the brightest colors to its musical palette. All brass instruments function as solo instruments and part of the brass "choir" (when they play chords), so brass instrument players must learn both roles equally well. The brass department is our newest department at KMI (started February 2008).

Admission: See the specific program for admission requirements. All beginners and transfers would normally enter in the Core Curriculum at least for the first term. The Young Artist Program has its own very specific requirements.

Ensemble: Playing with other instruments is extremely important to a brass student, so all students are required to perform duets, trios and quartets with faculty and other students on a regular basis. The chosen instructional materials include ensemble pieces with every lesson to help develop the student’s ability to play with others. Eventually, KMI hopes to be able to sponsor a brass ensemble to allow our brass students opportunity to perform in a larger ensemble. Until that time, students are required to participate in their school or community brass orchestra (See Wind Ensembles for more information).

Accompaniment: In addition to ensemble playing, all brass performers must learn to play with piano accompaniment. Highly skilled KMI piano faculty are available at lessons and for recitals to accompany brass students. When appropriate, advanced piano students will be invited to accompany brass students in recitals to give advanced piano students the educational opportunity of accompanying a soloist.

Secondary Piano Study: All students who study a brass instrument as primary study are strongly encouraged to study secondary piano for at least 2 years (whether from the beginning, or at a later point in the education). The study of piano provides a better understanding of certain musical concepts such as chords, intervals, harmony, polyphony and reading other musical clefs. (Trumpets read only treble clef.) Note that secondary study of piano is a requirement for all non-piano students in the Young Artist Program.

Rick Murrell (trumpet, French horn, euphonium, trombone)

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