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For the new students who are first considering music lessons, or are considering transferring to a new teacher, choosing the right teacher is a difficult decision. Below is some explanation why what we offer is better than our competition.

Universities: Several of the local universities and colleges have pre-college music programs. As mentioned before, they have high overhead which translates into high tuition fees. The cost of music lessons at the local universities is easily twice what we charge, and that is because they have to pay for large buildings, administrative staff, advertising, etc. In addition, in order to maintain their reputation the universities have a strong motivation to hire faculty whose credentials demand high salaries. They often advertise how many of their faculty play with the Pittsburgh Symphony, and other impressive credentials.

The problem with that approach is that the student is paying a lot of money for unclear benefits. Is a famous performer really the best teacher for a 7 year old beginner? In fact, is a famous performer the best teacher for any beginner? That kind of approach would place Albert Einstein in a class of 3rd graders to teach them their times tables!

We are better than the universities because our faculty is experienced in teaching beginners and young music students. We prepare the students with a solid foundation that will allow them to go on to study with the world’s greatest musicians at the college level and beyond. Our detailed curriculum ensures that all our students get a comprehensive education. We just do it at a much lower cost because we do not have the overhead the universities do that costs so much additional money.

Other Small Music Schools: There are several other music schools like KMI within the region where they offer their students private instruction on a variety of instruments. Some of them are very reasonable in price, and some are as expensive as the universities. These other music schools operate out of a public facility – either a building that they own or rent, or a store in which they rent some space and administrators.

We are able to offer more for lower cost than they can because the Director of KMI has made his home into the music school. The overhead is low as with other private teachers who work out of their homes. The result again is that your tuition goes to pay for quality teaching, and not building space.

Private Teachers: The biggest advantage to private instruction in the home is the low overhead (hence low cost) and flexibility. Most teachers will accommodate scheduling difficulties, and last minute changes much more easily than institutions can because they do not have to travel any farther than their living room or basement. The biggest disadvantage is unclear credentials, and the absence academic standards.

KMI is able to provide exactly those same personal benefits for the same reasons. However, the faculty at KMI have developed a detailed and comprehensive curriculum for private and classroom instruction that is much more like what universities offer. The faculty research the curricula of universities and national organizations to ensure that ours is completely in alignment with them, and our credentials are made very clear in our published materials. In the end, KMI offers the best of all possible worlds at the lowest possible cost to you.

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