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The secret to our success is the incorporation of many different teaching techniques into our private instruction lesson and a very well defined curriculum. We maximize the use of time through team teaching. We review and drill basic skills, concepts and terminology at every lesson to ensure that each student continues to progress. But most importantly, our detailed curriculum ensures that we provide in-depth instruction in all areas of musicianship: technique, theory, history and performance to maximize completely the benefits of a music education.

The Kikuchi Music Institute currently provides private instruction in piano, organ, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, saxophone, recorder, guitar and music composition, and as we recruit additional faculty we will soon be able to offer music instruction on many other instruments as well. Our goal is to provide you, your son or your daughter all the tools and knowledge necessary for the lifelong appreciation of music, whether as amateur or professional.

We realize that the financial and time commitment needed to acquire even just a basic music education is quite considerable, and we provide a variety of enrollment options and payment plans to help ease this burden. Regardless of your resources or situation, we are confident we have a program to meet all of your expectations and still remain within your financial means.

We offer private music lessons in the home setting with the quality that competes with the best music schools because of our methods, our curriculum and the skills of our teaching faculty. Our current students and families already understand this, but our goal is to grow to more than 5 times our current size, and to do this we must raise awareness of our institute to thousands more people.

Please take the time to read these Web pages so that you learn about what it means to get a music education, and in what ways we are committed to providing you or your children the best music education possible. Traditionally, parents have relied either upon private teachers or universities for music instruction because the general schools whether public or private have never provided much for the serious student. More recently, small music schools like ours have sprung up, mostly as an outgrowth of the teaching cubicles in music stores. Ours is still unique within this group of music educators, as we work directly out of the director’s home – in the tradition of small music schools in the 19th century.

Under the leadership and in the home of our founder and director, Mr. Lee W. Kikuchi, we provide individualized private instruction with the rigors of a strict curriculum. Mr. Kikuchi’s teaching methods have proven so powerful that he is in the process of writing several teaching books to help ours and other students and teachers across the country. Mr. Kikuchi’s teaching aids, books and curriculum make sure that every step of the way our students continue to progress and we never push anyone along who is not ready for the next level.

At the Kikuchi Music Institute, we believe that a music education should be available to all who seek it, and it is our duty to teach and inspire all music students regardless of inherent talent or level of commitment. If you want to know about music, we will teach you and no one is turned away.

At the same time, the quality of any school must be measured by its highest successes, and toward that end we offer the Young Artist Program to challenge our most motivated students and prepare them for college level musical study. This program is available to all who qualify, and the desire to audition to music school is not a requirement for participation – only the desire to work seriously at a very demanding level.

So, whether your goal is to learn about music as a hobby, or believe that music is an important part of education, or have some desire for your child to become a successful musician, the Kikuchi Music Institute can provide that education to meet those goals!

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