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We feel it is crucially necessary to educate the other music teachers in our community about the Kikuchi Music Institute. The fact that we offer so much, on so many levels, for so many types of musicians, means we must make sure you know about us in case you have any reason to refer students to us, or you encounter our students in the course of your own teaching activities.

You may have some students who have progressed beyond the point where you feel comfortable teaching. You may have students who have needs or interests beyond what you can offer. You may learn about students who need a teacher for an area you cannot teach. Your studio may be full and you would like to be able to refer new students to a reliable teacher. Read our Web pages carefully, and feel free to send all such students to us. Your referrals will be much appreciated.

Brochures: We would be happy to mail you brochures to pass out to your students. Simply contact us, with an address and come indication of how many, and we'll put it in the mail the very next business day. We greatly appreciate the referrals we get from our neighboring music teachers.

In Class (In Service) Presentations: Mr. Kikuchi is very experienced with class presentations on music lessons and demonstrating various musical instruments. Contact us if you would like him to make a presentation to your classes - all state clearances are up-to-date.

Recruitment: Are you interested in private teaching? Do you need to expand your teaching opportunities? KMI is always recruiting faculty - especially for instruments not currently covered.

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