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Thank you for your continued participation in the Kikuchi Music Institute. Your support has been wonderful over the past three years! Since our advertising has been minimal, the growth we have experienced is due in the largest part to your referrals. This Web page is a testimony to how much our music school has grown and how much you, our students, have developed over these years.

As you know from experience, your weekly lessons are intense sessions where we focus 100% on learning music. We have very little time to discuss general issues such as what you want to do in 2 years, in 5 years or in 10 years! We certainly do not want to spend valuable lesson time promoting our school – even if the information can be very useful to you for future planning.

For this reason, as well as all the others we have described above, we have developed this Web page to help inform our students in careful detail about the plans and developments we are undertaking, and to provide the public clear documentation of our success. Many of these programs are available immediately – all we need is one or more students to enroll! Most are still in the planning stage, and it will be months or even years before our students are able to participate.

Either way, we feel the best hope we have for these programs to begin to take shape is to describe them in writing and communicate those descriptions to our students. As the different activities come to life, all our students will be aware of them and will have the opportunity to participate.

So, read these Web pages as you can to learn about what we are doing now as well as what we will be doing in the future. Think about what programs you may want to join as you become ready for them. Your time at KMI can be many years, and there is so much more you can do in that time if you just explore the possibilities!

Planned for the future on the KMI Web Site:
1) Member email and accounts (secured by passwords).
2) Special teaching programs.
3) Progress tracking and grade reporting.

(See MEMBERS web page for up-to-date information.)

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