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KMI’s founder, Lee Kikuchi, and all the faculty who have joined the Kikuchi Music Institute share in the commitment to providing music education to all students who enroll. We realize that only a very few students will have the desire and ability to pursue music at the professional level. Although we have created our Young Artist Program to help those few succeed in pursuing their dream, the programs at KMI are available to all who qualify so that everyone may have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy music to its fullest.

Students who are very serious in their study of music, but do not wish to pursue a musical career are fully welcome into the Young Artist Program. We believe their participation enhances the program on all levels.

For those students who are less serious, we have our Music Appreciation Program which gives them a well-rounded music education without the intensity and rigorous performance requirements.

A Music Education is an amazing and invaluable gift which can provide endless hours of pleasure and fulfillment throughout life. Whether playing an instrument just for fun, or singing in a choir, the ability to enjoy music as performer is a blessing unequaled by almost any other activity.

Yet, in our current culture, music is given a very low position in the education system, even lower than painting, football or acting in a play. It is truly the responsibility of parents to afford their children any meaningful exposure to music making. This holds especially true for piano lessons, which is only rarely included in the school music programs.

The Investment in private music instruction is a benefit above and beyond the musical opportunities available at school, where traditionally, students may borrow an instrument or sing in a chorus and are given only the most rudimentary instruction.

The ultimate goal is always a large ensemble performance - orchestra, band or chorus - in which each fledgling musician is buried amongst the others and for the sake of the concert, the music selected is actually targeted to the lowest common denominator. Solos are given only to those who seem to have uncanny ability or outside training, and the piano receives virtually no consideration.

Giving Your Child the Best Possible Music Education Available and also keeping it affordable are the foremost goals of the Kikuchi Music Institute, and we strive to meet these goals in the five most important areas: great facilities, excellent instruction, comprehensive curricula, variety of programs, and very low rates.


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